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DIY-kit summer collection with new colors

DIY Sewing Academy summer collection 2015

Can’t wait for the summer? The DIY Sewing Academy is happy to announce the arrival of the new summer collection of DIY-kits: the kits come in the summer colors of radiant aqua, grass green and electric blue. In addition, a new basic color was added: midnight black. All DIY-kits come with everything you need to make your own backpack or duffle bag: fabric, straps, thread, pins, pattern, tutorial and additional relevant materials such as zippers, string or bias tape. Available on DaWanda.

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Custom copper leaf embossed monogrammed pouch

custom monogrammed leather pouch by KSIA Berlin

The great thing about doing custom orders is that I get to play around with different techniques. For a recent study I created a little pouch with custom monogrammed initials. As a little special bling I added some copper leaf that lets (my) embossed initials really stand out on the light blue leather. You can see the version sans copper leaf above and the finished embelished pouch below.

custom gold leaf embossed leather pouch


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Help wanted

The KSIA studio is looking for help with sewing prototypes and sample collections.

You should know how to use industrial sewing machines and have some experience sewing leather and technical fabrics like Cordura or Supratex.

Times are flexible. Please send me an email if you are interested or have any questions. Looking forward to it!

kasia (at)


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Custom Work: Light pink wallet

light pink leather wallet

Recently, I received a custom order from one of my cousins. She wanted me to make a wallet for another cousin of mine and it was supposed to be light pink. Normally the perforated leather wallets only come in a natural light brown but I decided to give leather dye a shot. I mixed the red and white dyes to create this light pink. The color is not completely even but I really like the slight variations in color. To complement the light pink I added silver hardware and a light grey zipper, pocket lining, thread and leather label.

KSIA custom wallet

perforated leather wallet opened

wallet - inside view

wallet - back

wallet grab

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Custom work: mens’ bag

custom leather bag

I recently completed a custom bag. The process of design and construction was pretty elaborate. First, my customer sent a couple of images of bags that he liked, describing which aspect of the bags he would like to have in the final bag. Then, we looked at some materials, especially the leather, but also lining fabric, zippers, straps and hardware. My customer received a package of samples to choose from. I then started making patterns and first a half-scale paper prototype and then a full-scale fabric prototype. The fabric prototype was then sent to the customer and we made adjustments for the final leather bag. I then purchased all supplies, adjusted the patterns and then constructed the final bag.

custom leather bag

custom bag - back

leather bag - inside back

The inside of the bag was specifically designed to include a larger compartment for a laptop or iPad, two pockets for glasses and an interior zipper pocket. The lining fabric was hand-dyed.

leather bag - inside front

Below are some images of the fabric prototype. In the back of the image, hanging from the book shelf, you can also see the half-scale paper model.

fabric prototype with paper prototype in back


The leather we chose is a thicker kind of leather than I usually work with. It’s supposed to age very well as it is an upholstery leather. After a month of use the bag is holding up well. My customer sent some images, one of which I have included below.

bag in use


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Custom work: cross-body bag for my sister

My sister has a special cross-body bag, which she only uses when traveling. The bag is very convenient but not necessary at the top of the style scale. Her original bag is getting a bit beat-up and she asked me to recreate her favorite travel bag in exchange for a knit loop scarf.

The design is quite simple. The main compartment is big enough to hold a paper airplane ticket, there is one interior pocket with zipper and an exterior pocket with a velcro closure. The original bag has decorative trimming at the top of the exterior pocket. I used some vintage trimming to echo the original design.

This is what the bag looks like before dyeing.

cross body

As a little extra we added a dip-dye ombre effect.

KSIA Sophia cross body 01

Now bring on the knit loop scarf!


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I love DIY


Besides working with leather and creating accessories I also love DIY projects. That’s why I started a new endeavour called DIY Sewing Academy. The DIY Sewing Academy offers sewing patterns, tutorials and DIY-kits for your sewing pleasure. Find out more on the DIY Sewing Academy blog and buy them on Etsy and DaWanda.


DIYSA duffle blue 72dpi

DIYSA Nähpaket 72dpi

DIYSA_simple backpack 01_s

DIYSA_simple backpack 03